1. Let us (a)/ bring this discussion (b)/to close. (c)/ No error (d)

  1. Each of them (a)/ have a different version (b)/of the crime. (c)/ No error (d)
  2. I and Gopal (a)/ went to the meeting (b)/ together. (c)/ No error (d)
  3. Latin is not only hard to write (a)/ but also (b)/ to read. (c)/ No error (d)
  4. In most villages (a)/ the roads are rough (b)/ isn’t it? (c)/ No error (d)
  5. Despite of continuing pain (a)/ she worked at her temporary summer job (b)/ most of the week. (c)/ No error (d)
  6. As soon the film started (a)/ I developed (b)/ an irritating headache. (c)/ No error (d)
  7. He applied for an employment (a)/ in (b)/ an office. (c)/ No error (d)
  8. Though we drove fast, the train left (a)/ before we could reach (b)/ the station. (c)/ No error (d)
  9. One Indian virtue that has impressed me greatly (a)/ and touched me deeply (b)/ was the Indian people’s freedom of rancour. (c)/ No error (d)
  10. If you will work hard (a)/ you will always (b)/ succeed. (c)/ No error (d)
  11. She has been teaching (a)/ the same lesson (b)/ since five days.(c)/ No error (d)
  12. Many a boy were happy (a)/ dancing at the victory (b)/ of our cricket team in Australia. (c)/ No error (d)
  13. Imagine living (a)/ with someone (b)/ who never stops talk. (c)/ No error (d)
  14. I was shocked (a)/ when he told me (b)/ that the old woman died by cancer. (c)/ No error (d)
  15. To the men who worked so hard in the project, (a)/ the news was (b)/ profound disappointing. (c)
    /No error (d)
  16. Even though she lost the beauty contest, (a)/ she was still more prettier (b)/than the other girls. (c)/ No error (d)
  17. The novel is interesting, (a)/ informative (b)/ and it is easy to read. (c) No error (d)
  18. The differential attractions of the sun and the moon have a direct effect (a)/ in the rising and failing (b)/ of the tides. (c)/ No error (d)
  19. Despite of the pills (a)/which are available, (b)/ many people still have trouble sleeping. (c)/ No error (d)
  20. None of the applicants have turned up (a)/ for the interview (b)/ on time. (c)/ No error (d)
  21. Her mother did not reply (a)/ when I asked her (b)/ why was she weeping. (c)/ No error (d)
  22. The oxygen content of Mars is not (a)/ sufficient enough to support life (b)/ as we know it. (c)/ No error (d)
  23. He told his friends that (a)/ each of them (b)/ should be able to carry out the orders oneself. (c)/ No error (d)
  24. If the police would have arrived (a)/ in time (b)/ the riot would not have occurred. (c)/ No error (d)
  25. The flag is risen in the morning (a)/ and taken down at night (b)/ by the guards. (c)/ No error (d)
  26. I have seen him (a)/ going to the theatre (b)/ with his friends yesterday evening. (c)/ No error (d)
  27. He was charged of murder (a)/ though the evidence did every thing (b)/ to convince the judge of his innocence. (c)/ No error (d)
  28. Neither he nor his brother (a)/ is a good student (b)/ but both are good players. (c)/ No error (d)
  29. He has taken charge (a)/ as principal of our college (b)/ three years ago. (c)/ No error (d)
  30. Suppose, if you were left alone (a)/ to live on a deserted island (b)/what would you do? (c)/No error (d)
  31. He wondered that what (a)/would be the next move of his opponents (b)/who had vowed to see him dislodged from power. (c) /No error (d)
  32. The nation should be greatful (a)/to the armed forces (b)/for protecting them. (c)/No error (d)
  33. I do not know (a)/what is he doing? (b)/to solve the problem. (c)/No error (d)
  34. For so many years (a) it is almost his habit (b) to go to the bed at 10 pm daily. (c)/No error (d)
  35. He took (a)/down after (b)/his father. (c)/No error (d)
  36. His honesty (a)/has never been (b)/called to question. (c)/No error (d)
  37. I see her (a) most weekends (b) but not very often between. (c) No error (d)
  38. The chancellor (a) was present (b) on both occasions. (c)/ No error (d)
  39. The deliberations by (a)/the committee (b)/are completely confidential. (c)/No error (d)

1 c11 a21 a31 a
2 b12 c22 c32 a
3 a13 a23 d33 a
4 c14 c24 c34 b
5 c15 c25 a35 c
6 a16 c26 a36 b
7 a17 b27 a37 c
8 a18 c28 a38 c
9 a19 b29 d39 c
10 c20 a30 a40 a

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