UKSSSC forester previous year paper

Question No.1     Which of the following can be used as replacement for cement up to 35% to reduce the cost of construction? (A) Alluvial soil (B) Clay (C) Laterite soil (D) Fly ash (Correct Answer)

Question No.2     The increase in which of the following pollutants lead to acid rain? (A) Carbon dioxide and Carbon Monoxide (B) Oxygen and dust (C) Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide (Correct Answer) (D) Sulphur dioxide and Carbon dioxide

Question No.3     When is a rain called acid rain? (A) pH < 12 pH < 12 (B) pH > 7.2 pH > 7.2 (C) pH > 6 pH > 6 (D) pH < 5.6 (Correct Answer)pH < 5.6

Question No.4    What is Biomass (A) Total organic matter present in an ecosystem (Correct Answer) (B) Wildlife present on a particular location (C) Mass of earth (D) Mass of plants

Question No.5     What are khadins, Bundhis, Ahars and kattas? (A) Water harvesting methods (Correct Answer) (B) Afforestation (C) Pollution control (D) Soil conservation

Question No.6     In which of the following countries, the famous botanical garden Kew is located (A) England (Correct Answer) (B) Pakistan (C) Afghanistan (D) West Indies

Question No.7    The vacuole is bound by a single membrane called ______. (A) Chromoplast (B) Tonoplast (Correct Answer) (C) Chloroplast (D) Leucoplast

Question No.8     When external force exceeds the maximum limit of static friction, then the object will ____________ (A) Stop Moving (B) Accelerate at Higher speed (C) Move from rest (Correct Answer) (D) Collapse and brake

Question No.9    Which of the following is the only tiger reserve of Bihar? ? (A) Palamau Tiger Reserve (B) Dampa Tiger Reserve (C) Sunabeda Tiger Reserve (D) Valmiki Tiger Reserve (Correct Answer)

Question No.10     Which of the following is a natural resource? (A) Coal (Correct Answer (B) Wooden house(C) Biodegradable plastic (D) Water tank

Question No.11    Which among the following structures is the stacking up of grana like the piles of coins in chloropla (A) Thylakoids (Correct Answer)(B) Inner membrane (C) Stroma(D) Stroma lamellae

Question No.12    The value of an electron mass is ________. (A) 1.38 * 10-23 kg 1.38 * 10-23 kg (B) 1.602 * 10-19 kg 1.602 * 10-19 kg (C) 6.022 * 1023 kg 6.022 * 1023 kg (D) 9.109 * 10-31 kg (Correct Answer) 9.109 * 10-31 kg

Question No.13   What is the velocity of the body if its rate of change in position is zero (B) Zero (Correct Answer) (C) Cannot be measured (D) Infinite

Question No.14 What is the collision in which the two particles move together after the collision called (A) Head on collision (B) Inelastic collision (C) Conserved collision (D) Completely inelastic collision (Correct Answer)

Question No.15     Which among the following hormones causes seed dormancy? (A) Abscisic acid (Correct Answer) (B) Cytokinin(C) Gibberellin (D) Auxin

Question No.16     What is the relation between frequency and the time period of a (A) Directly proportional (B) Inverse square root relationship (C) Inverse square relationship (D) Inversely proportional (Correct Answer)

Question No.17     The wavelengths of capillary waves are of the order of __________. (A) Centimeters (Correct Answer)(B) More than 10 meters (C) Millimeters (D) More than 100 meters

Question No.18     Which of the following is Polyester? (A) Bakelite (B) Melamine (C) Terylene (Correct Answer) (Chosen option) (D) Acrilan

Question No.19  Which of the following compounds shows both Frenkel and Schottky def (A) KCl KCl (B) AgBr (Correct Answer) AgBr (C) CsCl CsCl (D) NaCl NaCl

Question No.20    Where is Dachigam National Park located? (A) Nagaland (B) Jammu and Kashmir (Correct Answer) (C) Arunachal Pradesh (D) Meghalaya

Question No.21     Which of the following community in Rajasthan has a religious tenet of Conservation of forest and wildlife? (A) Jaishwal (B) Bishnoi (Correct Answer) (C) Agarwal (D) Jain

Question No.22     Who among the following discovered the neutron in 1932? (A) James Chadwick (Correct Answer) (B) Mendel Sachs (C) Carl Sagan (D) Issac Newton

Question No.23   What is the condition in which the crystalline lens of old people becomes milky and cloudy that may cause partial or complete loss of vision? (A) Glaucoma (B) Cataract (Correct Answer) (C) Amblyopia(D) Refractive error

Question No.24     Which among the following can dissolve gold and platinum? (A) Washing soda (B) Plaster of Paris (C) Milk of Magnesia (D) Aqua regia (Correct Answer)

Question No.25     Which quantities among the following is a vector quantity? (A) Gravitational Field Intensity (Correct Answer) (B) Gravitational potential energy (C) Gravitational potential (D) Gravitational Constant

Question No.26 Marks   What is the energy used for generation of hydroelectricity in dams? (A) Kinetic energy (B) Potential Energy of stored water (Correct Answer) Potential energy of Sediments (D) Kinetic energy of winds flowing above the water

Question No.27    When can a body experience weightlessness? (A) Driving on a banked road (B) Rising up the slope (C) Controlled movement down the slope (D) Free Fall (Correct Answer)

Question No.28   What is the chemical formula of graphite? (A) OH OH (B) CHO CHO (C) COOH COOH (D) (Correct Answer)

Question No.29   What is the resistance of the copper wire of length 100 m and diameter of 1 mm with a resistivity of 1.6*(10^(-8)) ohm m? 1.6*(10^(-8)) ohm m (A) 27.3 ohm 27.3 ohm (B) 273 ohm 273 ohm (C) 2.03 ohm (Correct Answer) 2.03 ohm (D) 203 ohm 203 ohm

Question No.30    What is El Nino? (A) Unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean (B) Unusual warming of surface waters in the western tropical Pacific Ocean Unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean (Correct Answer) (D) Unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern tropical Arctic Ocean

Question No   Which of the following was an outcome of Conference of the Parties (COP 16) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)? (UNFCCC) (COP 16) (A) Bonn convention (B) Kigali protocol (Chosen option) (C) Cancun Agreements (Correct Answer) (D) Minamata convention

Question No.32   What is the process by which water is taken up by plants and released into the atmosphere?
(A) Transpiration (Correct Answer) (B) Evaporation (C) Condensation (D) Precipitation

Question No.33 Marks: 1.00 Bookmark     Which of the following conservation reserves is situated in the flood plains of River Brahmaputra in Assam? (A) Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary (B) Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary (Correct Answer) (C) Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary (D) Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

Question No.34 Marks: 1.00 Bookmark     Graphite is _______., _______।
(A) a crystalline allotrope of carbon (B) softer than diamond (C) used for making lubricants(D) All of the above (Correct Answer)

Question No.35     Which is the abundant element in the earth’s crust? (A) Oxygen (Correct Answer) (B) Iron (C) Bronze कांय (D) Nickel

Question No.36    How many electrons does Carbon have in its outermost shell? (A) 3 3 (B) 6 6 (C) 2 2 (D) 4 (Correct Answer)

Question No.37     Which among the following is used to treat indigestion? (A) Antiseptic (B) Antacid (Correct Answer) (C) Analgesic (D) Antibiotic

Question No.38     Which is a dyestuff carrier and a fungicide chemical that is listed as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) listed in Stockholm Convention? (A) Penicillamine (B) Pentachlorobenzene (Correct Answer) (C) Papaverine (D) Paroxetine Mesylate

Question No.39     As per law of definite proportions, in which of the following factors, elements are arranged in definite patterns? (A) Size (B) Volume (C) Mass (Correct Answer) (D) Density

Question No.40     Which of the following has large amount of spruce (Picea glauca), fir (Abies balsamea) and pine trees? (A) Savannah grasslands (B) Tropical seasonal forest (C) Temperate deciduous forest (Chosen option) (D) Coniferous forest (Correct Answer)

Question No.41     As per the reactivity series, which among the following metals is less reactive? (A) Fe Fe (B) Au (Correct Answer) Au (C) Ag Ag (D) Cu Cu

Question No.42     Which of the Phylum exhibit the property of bioluminescence?
(A) Aschelminthes (B) Annelida (C) Ctenophores (Correct Answer)(D) Platyhelminthes

Question No.43    Which of the following is a free-living nitrifying bacterium?
(A) Spiroplasma (B) Azotobacter (Correct Answer) (C) Bacillus anthracis (D) Mycobacterium

Question No.44 Marks: 1.00 Bookmark     What is the velocity of an object in the rest frame of another object called?
(A) Imaginary velocity (B) Relative velocity (Correct Answer) (C) Final velocity (D) Relative acceleration

Question No.45 Marks: 1.00 Bookmark     Identify the synthetic fiber obtained by heating caprolactum with water at a high temperature.
(A) Melamine (B) Nylon – 6 (Correct Answer) (C) Bakelite (D) Polyethene

Question No.46 Marks: 1.00 Bookmark     What is the value of permittivity of free space as per the expression in Coulomb’s law (in SI units)?
(A) 8.854*(10^(-12)) C/ N m 8.854*(10^(-12)) C/ N m (B) 8.854*(10^(-12)) C^2/ N m^2 (Correct Answer) (Chosen option) 8.854*(10^(-12)) C^2/ N m^2 (C) 8.854*(10^12) C^2/ N m^2 8.854*(10^12) C^2/ N m^2 (D) 8.854*(10^12) C/ N m 8.854*(10^12) C/ N m

Question No.47   Which of the following energy sources creates more pollution?
(A) CNG (CNG) (B) Solar cells (C) Geothermal energy (D) Fossil fuel (Correct Answer)

Question No.48     Which force is always directed towards or away from a fixed point (along the position vector of the point of application of the force with respect to that fixed point)?
(A) Axial force (B) Spherical force (C) Central force (Correct Answer) (D) Elliptical force

Question No.49 What is the value of the resistance of a resistor when a 12 V battery is connected and there is a current of 2.5mA in the circuit?
(A) 48 ohm 48 ohm (B) 480 ohm 480 ohm (C) 0.48 ohm 0.48 ohm (D) 4800 ohm (Correct Answer)

Question No.50    Which of the following soils has air space and loosely packed?
(A) Loamy Soil (B) Sandy Soil (Correct Answer) (C) Windy soil (D) Clayey Soil

Question No.51   Which country has the world’s largest solar cooker programme?
(A) India (Correct Answer) (B) United States of America (C) Russia (Chosen option) स (D) Denmark

Question No.52    What is the weight of a column of air of unit cross-sectional area extending from that point to the top of the atmosphere equal to?
(A) Atmospheric pressure at that point (Correct Answer) (B) Moisture at that point (C) Density of air at that point (D) Humidity at that point

Question No.53     Which institute developed the oral contraceptive – “Saheli”?
(A) Lupin Pharmaceuticals (B) Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) (Correct Answer) (C) National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER) at SAS Nagar Mohali (D) Serum Institute of India, Pune

Question No.54     Where is Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary located? ?
(A) Chhattisgarh (Correct Answer) (B) Tamil Nadu (C) Karnataka (D) Telangana

Question No.55 Which of the following is a form of marble?
(A) Calcium Carbonate (Correct Answer) (B) Sodium Hydroxide (C) Calcium Hydrogen Carbonate (D) Sodium Carbonate

Question No.56   Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum was associated in the radiation pressure experiment carried out by Nicols and Hull in 1903?
(A) Gamma rays (B) Visible light (Correct Answer) (C) Micro waves (D) Infrared rays

Question No.57  At 373 K, heating gypsum leads to the formation of ______.
(A) Plaster of Paris (Correct Answer) (B) Galena (C) Borax (D) Alum

Question No.58   What is the infectious form of plasmodium in humans?
(A) Parazoite (B) Trophozoite  (C) Sporozoites (Correct Answer) (D) Conidiozoite

Question No.59 The electropositive nature of Rb, Na and K is in the order:
: (A) Na > K > Li Na > K > Li (B) Rb > Na > K Rb > Na > K (C) Rb > K > Na (Correct Answer) Rb > K > Na (D) Na > Rb > K Na > Rb > K

Question No.60   Name the scientist who discovered blood circulation.
(A) Roberto Lo Presti (B) Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (C) William Watson (D) William Harvey (Correct Answer)

Question No.61   Where is the Kattas water harvesting methods found?
(A) Maharashtra (B) Karnataka (Correct Answer) (C) Rajasthan (D) Bihar

Question No.62     What is the magnification produced by a concave lens which has a focal length of 15 cm with the object distance and image distance being 30 cm and 15 cm respectively?
(A) 0.5 (Correct Answer) (B) 0.055 0.055 (C) 55 55 (D) 5.5 5.5

Question No.63     When an acid reacts with a metal, _______ gas is evolved and a corresponding salt is formed.
(A) Oxygen (B) Nitrogen (C) Helium (D) Hydrogen (Correct Answer)

Question No.64     Which among the following canal passes through the midbrain?
(A) Foramen rotundum (B) Cerebral aqueduct (Correct Answer) (C) Foramen of Winslow (D) Foramen lacerum

Question No.65   Salal Hydro Electric Power plant is constructed across which river?
(A) Chenab (Correct Answer) (B) Betwa (C) Mahi (D) Kosi

Question No.66     In which of the following unicellular organisms, the cell has a definite shape and food is taken in at a specific spot?
(A) Paramecium (Correct Answer) (B) Blue-green algae (C) Bacteria (D) Streptococcus

Question No.67     What is the purpose of Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana (MKSP)?
(A) Empowerment of women (Correct Answer) (B) Pesticide control (C) Delivering seeds at doorstep (D) Decrease soil erosion

Question No.68 Which of the following is a synthetically prepared radioactive element that belongs to the 13th group of modern periodic table?
(A) Fluorine (B) Radon (C) Germanium (D) Nihonium (Correct Answer)

Question No.69   What is the statement of conservation of mass in flow of incompressible fluids called? (A) Conservation of energy (B) Conservation of momentum (C) Conservation of force (D) Equation of continuity (Correct Answer)

Question No.70     Which of the following processes involves identifying differences in some specific regions in a DNA sequence? (A) DNA sequencing (Chosen option) (B) DNA Collaboration (C) DNA Replication (D) DNA Fingerprinting (Correct Answer)

Question No.71   What is the technique which uses echoes of ultrasound pulses to detect objects or areas of different density in the body called?
(A) Magnetic resonance imaging (B) Ultrasonography (Correct Answer) (C) Echocardiography (D) X Ray scanning

Question No.72     Which Indian state signed a Memorandum of Understanding with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) India to create a Red Listing of orchids at the state level?
(A) Jammu and Kashmir (B) Uttarakhand (C) Tamil Nadu (D) Arunachal Pradesh (Correct Answer)

Question No.73  What kind of soil is treated with gypsum to make it suitable for cropping?
(A) Black soil (B) Red soil (C) Soil with excessive clay content (Correct Answer) (D) Water logged soil

Question No.74   What percentage in volume does the vacuole occupy in a plant cell?
(A) 5 percent (B) 50 percent (C) 90 percent (Correct Answer) 90 (D) 20 percent

Question No.75 If the moon’s orbit is considered to be perfectly circular, what is the angle between its instantaneous displacement and earth’s gravitational force?
(A) 0 degree (B) 45 degree(C) 120 degree (D) 90 degree (Correct Answer)

Question No.76     What is the slope of line connecting the initial and final positions corresponding to a specified time interval on a displacement – time graph known as?
(A) Average velocity (Correct Answer) (B) Torque (C) Impulse force (D) Uniform acceleration

Question No.77     What is the product of Force and time called ?
(A) Acceleration वरण (B) Impulse (Correct Answer) (C) Momentum (D) Gravity

Question No.78 Gibberellin is an example of _______.
(A) Fungi (B) Bacteria (C) Plant Hormone (Correct Answer)(D) Virus

Question No.79     Which of the following satellites is used in Telecommunication?
(A) Polar Satellites (B) Geocentric Satellites (C) Low earth orbit Satellites(D) Geostationary Satellites (Correct Answer)

Question No.80    Which among the following organisms has membranous extensions called chromatophores?
(A) Crow (B) Homo sapiens (C) Cyanobacteria (Correct Answer)(D) Peacock

Question No.81 Marks: 1.00 Bookmark     When fats and oils are oxidised, they become ________.
(A) Rancid (Correct Answer) (B) Iodised (C) Ester (D) Gases

Question No.82     Among the following forces, which is not acting on the car moving on a level circular path?
(A) Magnetic force (Correct Answer) (B) Normal reaction (C) The weight of the car (D) Frictional force

Question No.83   Compounds with Covalent bond have _________.
(A) Low melting and high boiling points (B) Low melting and low boiling points (Correct Answer) (C) High melting and low boiling points (D) High melting and high boiling points

question No.84    The transformation of gas to solid process is known as _________.
(A) Solidification(B) Boiling (C) Deposition (Correct Answer) (D) Condensation

Question No.85    Pick the bird sanctuary located in Kerala.
(A) Pathiramanal island (Correct Answer) (B) Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary (C) Vellode Birds Sanctuary (D) Sarsai Nawar Wetland

Question No.86     Tarapur nuclear plant is located in __________. ।
(A) Tamil Nadu(B) Orissa (C) Maharashtra (Correct Answer)(D) Gujarat

Question No.87     Which process releases dinitrogen gas (N2 ) back into the atmosphere?
(A) Denitrification (Correct Answer) (Chosen option) (B) Delay (C) Nitrification (D) Nitrogen fixation

Question No.88   The relationship that defines the Magnification produced by a lens with respect to its image distance (v) and object distance (u) is ____________.
(A) (1/m)=(1/u)-(1/v) (1/m)=(1/u)-(1/v) (B) m=(v/u) (Correct Answer) (C) (1/m)=(1/u)+(1/v) (1/m)=(1/u)+(1/v) (D) m=(u/v) m=(u/v)

Question No.89     Where is the highest deposition of DDT found?
(A) Herons (B) Eels (C) Crab (D) Sea Gulls (Correct Answer)

Question No.90    What is the direction of a magnetic field when an alpha particle projected towards west is deflected towards north by the magnetic field? (A) Downward (B) Upward (Correct Answer) (C) Towards east (D) Towards south

Question No.91   What is the molecular formula of glucose? (A) C6H5OH C6H5OH (B) CH3CHO CH3CHO (C) C6H6 C6H6 (D) C6H12O6 (Correct Answer)

Question No.92 Marks: 1.00 Bookmark     What is the force that an unit positive charge Q would experience if placed at a point in space known as? (A) Spring force (B) Repulsive force (C) Electric force (Correct Answer) (D) Magnetic force

Question No.93   Which of the following types of solids are electrical conductors, malleable and ductile?
(A) Metallic Solids (Correct Answer) (B) Electrovalent Solids (C) Ionic Solids (D) Molecular Solids

Question No.94   How much energy is given to each coulomb of charge passing through a 6 V battery? (A) 60 J 60 J (B) 600 J 600 J (C) 6 J (Correct Answer) 6 J (D) 0.6 J 0.6 J

Question No.95  Which one of the following is a harmful gas produced due to fossil fuel combustion in Power Stations? (A) Ozone (B) Sulphur Oxides (Correct Answer) (C) HCL (D) Ethane

Question No.96   In neutralisation reaction, acid and base reacts to give ______. (A) Salt and Water (Correct Answer)(B) Salt and Heat (C) Salt and Hydrogen gas(D) Water and Hydrogen gas

Question No.97     Which of the following is the symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria? (A) Rhizobium (Correct Answer) (B) Nitrococcus (C) Azospirillum (D) Bacillus

Question No.98   Which of the following is not an isotope of hydrogen? (A) Protium (B) Deuterium (C) Tritium (D) Thallium (Correct Answer)

Question No.99     Which of the following National Parks is located on the largest single floating land mass called ‘phumdis’? (A) Khangchendzonga National Park B) Keibul Lamjao National Park (Correct Answer) (C) Dibru Saikhowa National Park (D) Kaziranga National Park

Question No. 100    Which polymer is manufactured by heating tetrafluoroethene with a free radical? (A) Polythene (B) Buna – S(C) Buna – N (D) Teflon (Correct Answer)

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